Welcome to Bail Bonds 101.

You have landed on this blog for one of a few reasons, one of which may be, you need to get someone out of jail.  Immediately!  If that is the case, then stop:  reach for your phone, and call us now.  If you are just interested in learning something about bail bonds, then read on.

By way of introduction, please let me say a few words about Merideth Bail Bonds.  We are a family-owned bail bond agency in Hamilton County, with a little office right next to the jail in Noblesville, Indiana.  We have been here for more than twenty years, and while some things have changed, many things have stayed the same.  We know a lot about bail bonds and within the boundaries of confidentiality I’d like to share some of it with you.

There are normally two specific ways to get someone out of jail when they have been arrested on a criminal charge.  A cash bond is posted by taking the full amount of the bond in cash or certified funds, such as a bank check, directly to the jail.  The courts will retain this money for the duration of the defendant’s case, and as long as that person attends all of his or her hearings as directed, the court will return those funds after they make certain deductions.  A bail bond is posted by meeting a licensed bail bondsman (that’s us!) and paying the one-time nonrefundable premium, which in Indiana is 10% of the face amount of the bond.  Like most bondsman, we accept payment in the form of cash, approved checks, credit and debit cards.

So the obvious difference between a cash bond and a bail bond (also known as a surety bond) is the money you need to have right up front.  A bondsman can certainly offer a great convenience when it’s not possible or practical to come up with 100 of the bond money, or if you don’t want to tie that money up with the court for extended periods of time.  Every case is different so it’s not possible, as a rule, to say how long any person’s court case will last.  Also, because bondsmen may accept checks and credit or debit cards, that can be more convenient for some people.   A professional bondsman will guide a customer throughout the bonding process which can take a lot of the burden and stress out of the situation.  You can see more at our website, www.merideth-bailbonds.com.

These initial points sum up the very basic elements of Bail Bonds 101.

One Comment on “Welcome to Bail Bonds 101.”

  1. Judi Aultman says:

    Pictures of agents, dogs, & the building would add familyness & reveal the down to earth
    people you are!!

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