Where in the world is the Hamilton County Jail?

No matter which agency arrests a person, whether it is the County Sheriff, a police department officer or the Indiana State Police, anyone arrested in Hamilton County will ultimately be transported to the Hamilton County Jail.  Where is it? 

18100 Cumberland Road, Noblesville, Indiana.

Across the street from the Noblesville High School.  Yes, the High School!  (Sometimes mistaken for the jail.)

Next door to Merideth Bail Bonds (shameless plug).

Also included in the complex are the Juvenile Services Center and the Community Corrections building.

The Sheriff’s website is here:  http://www.hamiltoncounty.in.gov/departments.asp?id=2316

The phone number is (317) 776-9800.

The jail is not downtown by the courthouse, as you might think.  It is on the east side of town, with Indiana State Road 37 directly east of the facility.  It is easily accessed by locating the intersection of SR37 and SR32 (which runs east and west through Noblesville and is also commonly known as Conner Street) and going one block to the west, where you will find Cumberland Road, and if you go half a mile or so north you will be in front of the jail.  Is it overly obvious to state that the jail is open 24 hours a day?  Maybe, but you should also know that people can only be bonded out at certain times of the day, and that is why you may want to call us (your bondsman) first.

The county seat of Hamilton County is Noblesville.  Other towns or cities include:  Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Sheridan, Cicero,  Atlanta and Arcadia.  Speaking earlier of downtown by the courthouse, the Old Hamilton County Sheriff’s Residence and Jail is indeed located there, and is a well restored structure that can be explored via guided tour to learn its history.

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